Want to commission me? Before sending an email to place your spot - Please look over this list before emailing me to commission:

The Basics:

  • Are you commissioning one illustration? or multiple? 
  • What medium are you wanting this in? (digital/traditional)
  • Who is this commission of? How many people/animals/characters are you wanting?
  • What size? What are the dimensions?
  • What is the mood of the commission? (emotions/theme/feeling)
  • Is this a gift? or this more for personal use?
  • Is there a time frame you want this done? A certain date this needs to be completed?

The look:

  • What style? (anime/realism/cartoony/ect)
  • What are the poses? Someone in motion? Standing still?
  • How does the hair look? What clothes? Eye color? (any details help!)
  • Color palette? What colors do you want? Color or greyscale? (reference pics help!)
  • Background? How much detail? Is it a detailed landscape or is it a plain background?
  • Is it daytime? Nighttime? (even photo references of how light is hitting someone's face helps!)
  • What type of shading are you looking for? (hard anime contrast /soft blended shading/ect)

Technical Info:

  • Will this be printed? What DPI/resolution?
  • How many file sizes? DPI same or different for each?
  • If it's for web content: what websites will this art be used for?
  • Are you gonna use the art for profit? *terms and conditions apply
  • If this illustration is for a shirt: what printing place or website will you be using? What color mode/size/DPI do you need?


  • How many emotes? badges as well?
  • Are the emotes of you? or of a character?
  • What are the details you want in each? (clothes/hair/style/ect)
  • What is the color palette? certain colors for the badges?

When asking to commission emotes and badges, please list how many you want and the detail on each one. It helps me visualize it easier when the description is in a list rather than if it was a long paragraph with details!


Hi, I'm wondering if I could commission you for 6 emotes? Here are the details for each

emote 1: happy with a heart. I want the heart colored with more of a pink than a red ton
emote 2: angry with gritting teeth and with a hue of red on forehead
emote 3: teacup with arms resting outwards like in a jacuzzi tub
emote 4: sad with big studio ghibli tears
emote 5: pog but make it derpier. I have attached pic ____ as a reference
emote 6: gg and I want the letters to look rounded and in the bottom part of the emote

Other info:

I freelance fulltime but my schedule can change daily. I ask for patience and understanding as sitting and drawing take a toll on me and I gotta take breaks so I don't flare up in pain. I provide updates when my schedule changes and when I will be delayed! 

Please do not:

  • ask for a commission if the due date is less than 14 days away. I can be completely open or I can be booked for months. My schedule can change a lot so please don't get upset if I can't take on your commission immediately. If it's a gift for a birthday/anniversary I would advise commissioning a month or more ahead of time!
  • add more to a commission after payment (example: asking for 5 emotes and then suddenly asking for badges as well. My schedule fills up fast and you may have to wait longer for the additions)
  • ask for a commission, say you will pay on a certain date, then don't reply ever again. Just let me know if you aren't interested anymore/can't pay/or changed your mind. I understand that things can change so don't feel bad for just saying you changed your mind!
  • haggle my price for a commission. This is my main income and freelancing helps me pay for bills and my meds. My price is based on what details you ask for, how many hours I put into it, and my 8 years of experience with freelancing. My price is final and I'm more than happy to do payment plans!

Commission Process:

  • Once everything has been discussed and you are ready to pay, I will send an invoice through Paypal where it will show what you are purchasing and the total price. My minimum to start the sketch phase is 30% of the full price. This is also the phase to ask for changes in poses/emotions/ect as it's easier to change early in the sketch phase than at the final coloring phase.
  •  Once the sketch phase is done and approved, either:

  1.  another payment is needed to start the lineart/detail phase
  2. or full payment is needed to start finishing the full work completely

  • I will provide updates during each step (sketch, line art, color) and will not go to the next one until I have your approval. Things will take longer if I'm waiting on your reply to for approval.

My email is always open for questions or to get a quote!